Marijuana wax is a type of cannabis concentrate made from the marijuana plant that has been heated and then strained. It can be ingested in various ways and provides a more potent high when compared to joints or other types of cannabis products.


How is marijuana wax made?

marijuana wax

marijuana wax

Marijuana wax is typically made by heating marijuana with butane, which separates the gas through evaporation, leaving behind an oily substance that has had the THC molecules removed from it. When smoked or consumed in foods like peanut butter cookies, users can feel a powerful boost of THC delivered directly to their brain within seconds; this is what many refer to as “getting high”.

There are two main components of cannabis that are worth mentioning: they are THC and CBD. The feeling of getting high can be assigned exclusively to the consumption of THC, a component find in marijuana plant. On the other side, CBD is straightly related to health benefits and it is mostly found on hemp plants. If you are interested on reading more about the differences between CBD and THC for smoking, keep updated with our blog!

Marijuana wax is not the same as marijuana bud, which is often smoked by itself and contains more than 90% THC. Wax can contain less than 10%, while marijuana bud contains more heat, which increases THC concentration.

Marijuana wax has a longer shelf life than buds, as well as a strong, skunk-like odor that is preferred by some users. Many people who try wax for the first-time report strong effects and a quicker high, but at the same time say they didn’t like it because it smelled strongly of raw cannabis or because the taste was “too out of date”.

Unlike other types of marijuana, marijuana wax is not regulated by the state and its contents are not tested for quality or content. The stigma attached to wax may be a reason for its popularity among recreational users, but it has also been abused by people who intend to lure children into their homes using the product.


Problems of overheating wax

It may take some time to find an actual, legitimate source of marijuana wax in your area but don’t be afraid to ask around and ask friends about their sources. Ultimately, this is one of the most common ways people obtain weed nowadays; no matter which way you choose to get it, just remember that over-heating can have serious, sometimes irreversible consequences.

Unfortunately, when heating up one’s weed, there is always the possibility of over-heating and damaging cannabis. Overheating can destroy THC content which may prevent you from getting that “high” that you’re looking for.  Over-heating cannabis can also change its flavor dramatically from fresh, earthy aroma to a more pungent skunky odor and taste.

When purchasing marijuana wax, make sure that you are purchasing the real stuff and not some type of “fake wax”, such as resin or shatter. Which is what a lot of people do to avoid paying for the real thing.

Overheating cannabis too much can cause major damage and may possibly cause you to lose your high altogether. For this reason, wax should only be used in a good-quality small vaporizer or joint, and never in a bong.

This is because the cannabis resin (marijuana wax) could get too hot and combust before it has settled enough to absorb into the lungs, resulting in the THC being exhaled through puffs of smoke rather than making it into your blood stream. Avoid this by using more weed less often and by not storing it for long periods of time; no longer than 6 months or so.


Effects and side effects of consuming marijuana wax

Marijuana wax is typically made by mixing bud with an equal amount of butane, which purges the weed of its THC. After it’s been mixed with the butane, the weed is then heated in a double boiler and stirred. The mixture is then strained through layered filtration systems to remove any additional butane.

Once done, you can expect to be left with a very potent oil that has been 100% eradicated of any THC or cannabinoids that may have been present in your bud before it went into the process.

The “high” that you will experience from wax is more intense and will last longer than traditional smoking methods such as joints or blunts. While this may sound more appealing to some, it is not recommended. While marijuana wax will obviously make you high, the smell and taste of it can be so strong that many people find it extremely unpleasant.

Besides being a stronger high that you can expect to get from marijuana wax, there are also negative side effects associated with using this type of bud. Most notably, wax is incredibly sticky and hard to remove after use. Because it’s so viscous and difficult to dislodge, it could easily build up on surfaces like your clothes or inside your lungs which could cause health problems or even severe lung irritation leading to an asthma attack.


Can marijuana wax be addictive?



The high concentration of THC found in marijuana wax can be extremely addictive. Some users have reported withdrawal symptoms when they stop using weed wax, which can make it very difficult to control or regulate usage. Withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, fever-like aches and pains, irritability, loss of appetite and depression or anxiety.

Like any other drug, wax comes with its own set of side effects and health risks. Overheating cannabis can have adverse effects on people’s health and can lead to damaging your lungs or even causing you to lose your high altogether. The smell and taste of wax is also often so strong that many users find it extremely unpleasant.

The fact that the chemical composition of marijuana wax is not even close to that of regular bud may cause some people to think that they are getting more than they are paying for. This causes them to question the contents of their weed before purchasing it, which could result in ruining their high or causing other side effects instead. This could be very dangerous.


Does wax have chemicals on it’s composition?

Marijuana wax is made by mixing bud with a solvent such as butane or propane and then heating it in a double boiler. Some people are concerned that the chemicals used to make it, even if they are non-toxic, will still be absorbed into their body when smoked.

Some dispensaries and indoor grow houses have begun making wax themselves, but they have not been able to keep up with the interest of their customers.  Unless you’re purchasing from one of these locations, don’t trust your weed to be pure enough from over-heating unless you can check that it hasn’t been done before you buy it.


Now that you know exactly what cannabis wax is, will you vape it without fear? Enjoy yourself and enjoy your vaping!