In our increasingly health-conscious society, a growing number of people want to make sure that they understand exactly what they are allowing to enter their bodies via consumption. As new information comes to light about the content of cigarettes, more customers are considering electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes with cbd oil.

The fact remains that electronic cigarettes contain far fewer chemicals than traditional cigarette offerings, and most of those chemicals are widely accepted already. Today, we will discuss exactly what is in e-cigarettes, providing you with the peace of mind you need while you make the transition to this alternative form of nicotine delivery.

So, what’s in e cigarette “juice” for cbd?
Electronic cigarettes contain a small number of ingredients compared to combustible tobacco cigarettes. These e-juice ingredients are termed GRAS (generally recognized as safe for humans).

The primary ingredients in your electronic cigarette cartridge for cbd vape are propylene glycol and glycerol, which are often used for food colorings and mouthwash. Unlike other harmful substances like tar found in tobacco cigarettes, propylene glycol is not considered a cancer-causing agent. Further, it has been thoroughly evaluated by government agencies and scientists, who agree that it is safe for use in a variety of beauty and health-based products.

Of course, electronic cigarettes would not be complete without the addition of nicotine. White Cloud offers the highest nicotine strength in the industry, 5.4% NBV or Nicotine By Volume, along with 4 lower nicotine strengths and Nicotine Free. Electronic cigarettes allow users to choose their individual nicotine levels, which make them far more flexible than the traditional alternative.

Finally, up to 10 percent of electronic cigarettes’ ingredients consist of flavoring. These e cig flavorings are food grade quality, and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

In summation, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes e-liquid is comprised of the following elements.

84.6% – 92% – Propylene Glycol & Glycerol
0% – 5.4% – Nicotine
8% – 10% – Flavorings
You can rest assured that White Cloud electronic cigarettes are made to the highest standards using e juice ingredients that are high quality. Your total vaping satisfaction is our aspiration. Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.