Vaping CBD is better than smoking?

Vaping is growing popular as a way of CBD consumption particularly among teenagers, according to the 2018 survey. Grinding the dried cannabis buds up and rolling them into a joint has been a traditional way of cannabis consumption for centuries. When this classic method to enjoy marijuana is given way to a relatively new CBD vaping, many people wonder if vaping is better than smoking.

Anyone interested to find why vaping CBD is better than smoking should keep reading this article. We walk you through the relevant details helping you understand the advantages of CBD vaping.

Smoking can damage the respiratory system

Despite smoking is looked upon as a traditional way to enjoy cannabis effects, the research shows it maybe not the best method for your health.

scientific review published in 2013 by Annals of the American Thoracic Society revealed regular marijuana smoking damages the respiratory system and is associated with a greater likelihood of bronchitis.

Vaping is discreet

The vaporizers effectively reduce the smell coming off the substance. This characteristic makes vaping much more discreet than traditional joints and bowls.

Though dry herb vaporizers emit scent, it is small, muted, and does not linger as combusted weed smell does.

On the other hand, vape cartridges producing very little smell allows you to consume marijuana without worrying much about the pungent the aroma coming off.

Vaping is better for lungs health

The low temperature vaping is better for your lungs’ health. Some health experts look upon the vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. By switching from smoking to vaping, these experts believe addicted adult smokers can improve their health.

However, analysts are waiting for long-term data to establish the extent vaping is healthier than smoking. The experts advise caution in vaping as it is not 100% safe too.

Vaping is an efficient way of CBD consumption

During smoking, a portion of useable CBD is combusted. According to an estimate, only about 10% of marijuana is left when a cigarette is ignited.

The inherent underperformance of smoking makes vaping the most efficient way to consume cannabis. The vaping with 95% reported preservation can result in the long run less product use and more money savings.

Indoor consumption advantages

Smoking cannabis inside the home can leave curtains, fabrics, and furniture riddled with the toxins emitting from marijuana cigarettes.

These absorbed toxins can produce a strong, stale smell that can be difficult to get rid of. On the other hand, using a vaporizing device at low enough temperature does not emit sticky toxins. The convenience of vaping CBD at any time and place forms a major advantage over smoking.


Effects on the skin

Even with a high-quality filter, cannabis combustion produces sticky tars that can deteriorate your lungs’ health. Only a few people know that the same smoking by-product can affect your skin and accelerate the aging process.

As a matter of fact, combustion tars carry free radicals that create havoc on your skin by increasing the number of wrinkles, lines, and marks that may be visible.

In contrast, vaping does not produce smoke and exposes your skin to fewer damaging effects.


The Benefits of CBD oil

The Benefits of CBD oil



What is CBD?

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. There are over 100 such compounds that together with terpenes shape the properties of the marijuana plant.

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol and is one of the two major components of marijuana. The compound is famous for its therapeutic effects on the body and the lack of psychoactive properties.

Benefits of CBD

Both the anecdotal accounts and research into the therapeutic effects of the CBD show its medicinal prowess to treat different health conditions.

The preliminary scientific evidence reveals that the cannabis compound has several health benefits such as it can effectively address anxiety disorders,  post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and schizophrenia.

Having a strong anti-inflammatory character, it is also found to provide relief against some human skin issues such as acne vulgaris.

Similarly, the research shows CBD can alleviate symptoms of complex childhood epilepsy disorder – a condition associated with drug-resistant seizures and high mortality rates. Particularly, CBD significantly reduced the number of convulsive seizures according to the findings of the study.

Along with widely discussed anecdotal accounts about CBD’s potential to treat cancer symptoms, the scientific evidence began to emerge pointing to the cancer healing properties of cannabidiol. Yet a few other studies conclude cannabidiol can help reduce cancer treatment symptoms.

How to use CBD?

As CBD continues to explode into popularity, people are trying different ways to use the compound. Depending upon your taste and personal preferences, you can consume CBD as edibles, oil and tinctures, topical creams, juice, capsules, and pills, or alternatively you can vape and smoke it.

Since capsules and pills come in pre-measured sizes, with them it is easier to monitor your CBD dose. Among all of the above-listed methods, edibles provide a discrete and simple way of ingesting CBD particularly, it provides a useful way to use CBD at public places.

Your body needs may also determine the way you would use CBD. For example, the topical application of CBD can prove effective when you are suffering from muscle aches and pains.


What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is an extract of cannabis. It is derived from cannabis plants using different extraction methods. A solvent is used to separate the CBD from the plant matter. Most often, extraction is carried out using carbon dioxide. High pressure is combined with low pressure to ensure maximum extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant.