The Thermovape T1 vaporizer for cbd oil is a nice stealthy looking portable device which is available in black or white and was brought onto the market in 2011 and is considered indestructible. This instantly had me thinking about the endless possibilities of where I could take it and what I could do with it. First I needed to set it up!

The Thermovape came nicely packaged in an inconspicuous cardboard box then in side was the device presented in a nice recyclable jar. I opened the jar and removed the contents which included an AC power supply, battery charger, car adapter, a tube with two sets of batteries in, instruction manual and of course the T1 Thermovape vaporizer for cbd. I had a quick flick through the manual which included some lovely pictures for those of you which hate reading (including myself) to familiarize myself with the device a bit but the only way to do it properly is to get fired in! I own quite a few vaporizers and see myself as a sort of vaporizer expert so I didn’t bother with the manual too much, one thing I did read was that the manufactures recommend charging the spare batteries as they won’t be fully charged so I did that, when inserting the batteries a red led light switched on and turned green once they were ready. Upon inspection of the vaporizer I noticed there were a set already in which I thought was excellent, 1 set of batteries for the device and 2 spare sets with a solid protective tube for storage, ideal!

The vaporizer itself looks great and feels solid and well made; it also is apparently manufactured out of the highest medical grade material available for ultra-safety and performance. I unassembled the top cap where the mouthpiece is which revealed the herb bowl, I filled her up (about 0.3 grams of dried herb, which is about standard for vaporizers), screwed the cap on, and switched the device on. The instructions told me to wait 5-10 seconds then it would be ready to go. I waited then began testing.

Results wise I certainly can’t complain, good tasting vapor, good consistency and my bowl lasted for 4 hits. What I really like about the Thermovape vaporizer is how the whole process from taking it out of the box to actually vaping took a minute at the most, simplicity to the highest degree. Instructions are certainly not needed. After use I unscrewed the top cap and emptied the left over herb, the herb bowl was a little warm but totally fine to touch, this may however get little too warm after continuous use and a good session so please be careful if you are considering purchasing one.

There are some cool accessories available for the Thermovape vaporizer such as different mouthpieces which are available in a variety of sizes, colors and there are different adapters for specific uses which are worth checking out. All in all I recommend this vaporizer to anybody; it’s suitable for experts and first timers and will solve any portable vaporizing needs!