The new Ascent Vaporizer is one of most all around portable vaporizers available today. Vaporizers, particularly portable styles have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. With this surge, all different kinds of manufactures have came out with a variety of styles that made for dry blends, concentrates, or dual compatibility. When it comes to portable vaporizers not many styles offer dual compatibility that can be used with either dry blends or concentrates such as oil. There are a lot of pen-style units which claim to be able to vaporizer both, but most have gathered that they function more like an electronic pipe for dry herbs. The reason being is they have a very small heating chamber which heats up the substances directly, potentially causing combustion. They work great for concentrates but not so much for dry blends. If someone wanted a consistent portable vaporizer that could work with both, only the DaVinci would be capable. This vaporizer is perfect for cbd oil vape.

From the same makers of the unique DaVinci Vaporizer cbd, which featured oil cans so you could use concentrates in them, the Ascent Vaporizer takes portability to the next level. Dual compatibility is not the only feature of the Ascent Vaporizer that separates itself from the rest. The fact that the Ascent Vaporizer is comprised of a glass on glass build makes it one of the most innovate vapes to date. As a unit, the Ascent looks like cellular device from the mid 2000s but boy is it powerful. It’s small enough to easily fit in your pocket so it’s pretty portable. For those who like the standard DaVinci they will be delighted to use and own the Ascent. This new vape will definitely change the current paradigm of the vaporizer industry.