I know you have some questions, like how long will my vape high last, and does it get you higher than smoking?

Well, get ready, sit back, and get the answers you want below.

How long does your high of vaping cannabis last?

The average weed smoker has a fair tolerance level and can expect his or her high to last two hours to four hours when you switch to vaping cannabis and you will use a great deal less weed. Side effects like feeling sleepy, not being able to concentrate and an increase in hunger can last for a few hours beyond the 2-4 hours.

The following factors will affect your vaping cannabis high:
• The heat you vaporize at
• Your body’s constitution
• The strain
• Form if it is buds, e-juice or wax

The size of the cannabis hit to get you high

cannabis high

cannabis high

A single large hit will give your body an immense rush of THC. In a way, you can say that your brain freezes up for a moment. The chemical balance in the brain is changed radically, causing the high to last longer.

While taking a smaller hit does not overwhelm the system and lets your chemical balance in your cells plateau and recover after each draw that you take.

How many hits of a weed vaporizer will it take to get you high?

This can differ from person to person. The THC bonds almost immediately with your cell receptors when you take your vaping hit. There is also residual THC that will remain floating in your system. Every upcoming hit will introduce more residual THC in your body. When the original THC effect fades these molecules will take over and lengthen your high. The more you introduce after your first hit the longer your sensation will last.

The quality of cannabis

The more concentrated your cannabis is with THC, the more intense and longer your high will be.

Does vaping get you higher than smoking?

Whether you are smoking a cigarette or a joint you are lighting a fire to burn the matter of the plant and this releases chemicals into the air. You then inhale the air and the chemicals then make its way to your bloodstream.

With a joint the fire is consuming everything including the weed and the paper, this means a great deal of weed you purchase will not even enter your body to make you high.

Vaporizers differ and does not burn the weed at all, it just heats it up.

Vaporizers like the grasshopper and the Ghost MV1 give you the heating option, meaning you can control when the cannabis is heated and there will be less wasted. Even if it is not the device that provides you with this option, you still inhale most of the vapor that it produces.

Now that you know the difference, you can see what the better option is, as well as the safer one. Rather vaporize your weed as you will save a lot of your weed as well as get the high you want.