Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

The Silver Surfer comes from the 7th Floor Company, which is from Colorado and is a great desktop vaporizer. 7th Floor is also responsible for the Life Saber and Da Buddha vape and the Silver Surfer vaporizer is a slightly more enhanced version of these. The vaporizer can be used with cbd oil too.

Overall the Silver Surfer is a high quality unit that performs well. This desktop vaporizer is durable and it comes with a 3 year warranty on the electrical components.

The main feature of the Silver Surfer vaporizer is the vapor quality. You are able to dial in the best heat setting which will then give you a nice and potent vapor that is flavorful. The Silver Surfer uses a ceramic heating element and glass parts that help it to provide you with a nice clean flavor from your herbs.

As this desktop vaporizer has glass parts and a silicone whip you will need to clean this vape semi-regularly so that it looks like new, but the cleaning of the vaporizer is pretty easy as you will just need to use some rubbing alcohol.

Compared to other vaporizers the Silver Surfer vaporizer is probably built better than the Extreme Q vaporizer but in comparison to the Plenty vaporizer, the plenty is better in terms of ease of use, it produces an even stronger vapor and it also stays cleaner, perfect for cbd oil cure.

The Silver Surfer is easy to use and here is how it works:

Firstly air is inhaled through a small hole in the glass heater cover
The ceramic element heats the to the vaporizing temperature
The heated air then passes through the Silver Surfer vaporizers glass heater cover and into the glass wand which is attached to the mouthpiece for cbd oil.
There are two main ways to use the Silver Surfer.

You can turn the glass knob to full power for around 2 to 3 minutes and then turn the knob back down to about 1/3 power
You can also turn the unit on and turn the knob to your preferred position which you will find after some practice and wait 3 to 5 minutes for the unit to reach this temperature.
If you are interested in buying the Silver Surfer from 7th Floor then it is advised to buy it from a fully authorized dealer as 7th Floor will not honor the warranty if it is bought somewhere else.