Since the birth of weed has been legalized in more states, marijuana use is becoming one of the most popular “medication” among people worldwide. For this article, we will be discussing about a rather new type of marijuana called Pineapple Express.

Unbelievably, the phrase “Pineapple Express” refers to a kind of weather phenomenon. It signifies the presence of significant moisture currents off the coast of Hawaii that stretch across the Pacific to the coast of North America. It is sufficient to state that water vapor is a significant issue in the mid-latitudes of the globe.

Most people now connect the word with the 2008 stoner comedy of the same name, which starred Seth Rogen and James Franco. The film, on the other hand, was named after the strain of marijuana, which, I believe, was named after… Hawaiian water mist.


Pineapple Express’ effects

pineapple express strain flower

pineapple express strain flower


Aside from the splitting headache that a future etymologist would experience, the Pineapple Express strain may provide a variety of body-numbing benefits for your tired mid-day work sessions. With its burst of energy, Pineapple Express encourages concentrated awareness and creative thinking in the user.

This characteristic was inherited from its parents, Hawaiian and Trainwreck. Some users have even reported having so much brain energy that they begin to feel dizzy, although this typically only happens when taking extremely high dosages of the drug.

What you need to know about it is that Pineapple Express gets its name from its aroma and sweet taste which makes them almost irresistible to many cannabis users. It’s a Sativa dominant strain that usually gives users uplifting and energetic effects when smoked or vaped.


Is Pineapple Express Weed Strain Hybrid?

Pineapple Express is a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant and delivers both cerebral and uplifting effects. The strain is also known to be good for physical relaxation and pain relief. So, you can say that it’s a total package of medicinal marijuana with strong effects.

The strain was released by Sensi Seeds in 2008 and was initially considered as “indica” hybrid but later, the breeders took the decision to rename it as “sativa” type after the results came out. The strain is known to give users a sense of calmness without making them feel sleepy or anxious in any way.

To add to that, Pineapple Express strain can help you get rid of your PTSD symptoms and in turn, it can help you cope with every-day stress. The strain is known to induce a strong body high that can leave you relaxed and happy in just a brief time. It’s also known to give users most of its effects usually within 20 minutes after consumption.


Pineapple Express THC Content



Although CBD’s content on the strain is not high, Pineapple Express has a 25 percent THC concentration on the high end. Even experienced users will appreciate the body buzz they get when they board the train. People who work creatively, particularly at home, may find that the pressure helps to alleviate their job concerns – it has been shown to be effective at breaking through writer’s blocks, for example. The Pineapple currents may help you float away from anxiety, tension, and minor aches and pains while you drift, stimulated and focused, on the currents.

While you’re numb and content, you’ll also be able to appreciate the strain’s pungent, citrus flavor. Despite an overpowering flavor of pineapple on the exhale, the strain isn’t too sweet, which is a pleasant surprise. Spices and a woody cedar scent may also be recognized with relative ease. Pineapple Express creates a paradoxical sensation of being both energized and relaxed at the same time. Your senses will be heightened, and you will be ready to concentrate on important matters.


Pineapple Express’ plantations

Pineapple Express grows in hefty nugs shaped like popcorn, which are ideal for growers. It blooms in a little more than 7 weeks. Growers with extensive expertise suggest “supercropping” the strain to enhance its potency. If you didn’t already know, this entails using bush-style growth methods, installing lights with a minimum power of 600 watts, and frequently topping the plants. By the time it is finished, the plant will be thick, light green, and somewhat purple-tinted.

Pineapple Express is a wonderful distraction for a cluttered mind, encouraging concentration and increased clarity. It goes well with more laid-back creative work such as writing and studying, as well as reading, fishing, crafts, and yoga, to name a few activities. With the exception of some dry mouth, the strain is an excellent starting place for newcomers who aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to their bud.


The Effects of This Marijuana Strain on the Brain and Body

THC Vape High

THC Vape High

As mentioned earlier, Pineapple Express strain is known for its uplifting effects which an average user will like. With a sense of calmness that it induces, the strain is perfect for people who are always in stressful situations or have panic attacks from time to time. The strain is also known to help with sleeping disorders, which makes it a great option for students or people who have anxiety that they cannot control.

Not only will this strain make you feel calmer and more relaxed, but it is also good for your heart as well. For people who are prone to anxiety and stress, Pineapple Express can come in handy as relaxation will allow you to chill out without the worry.

The flavor of the buds has a strong aroma of pineapple which reminds you that this is what the effect will look like when you smoke it. It is not so sugary sweet that you’ll get dizzy but there’s an intense rush of energy once you light up your bowl.

Pineapple Express also gives you a creative high that will help you focus on doing other things. You’ll be able to sit down and get a lot of work done without distractions. For example, this strain is ideal for doing paperwork, studying or getting something done around the house.


You’ll have more energy than usual, and your body will feel as if it’s floating away on the soothing high, which is very uplifting! Many users report feeling happier after using this strain, so perhaps that’s why it’s called the Pineapple Express? Your mood will be uplifted and happy as well while you’re in this state of mind.